For a number of years, the London Home Builders Association has organized the Parade of Renovations held in October of each year. This year, the Parade will take place on October 5th from 11am until 4pm. There are ten homes in this year’s Parade and the ten dollar admission fee allows access to each home with all proceeds being donated to The Unity Project.

Home renovation continues to be very popular and the Parade of Renovations has continually attracted many people interested in renovating their homes. A recent TD Economic report indicates that in 2015 the projected level for home renovations will be 45 billion dollars in Canada. That is more than double the amount of 10 years ago.

The purpose of the Parade of Renovations is to promote the profile of the Professional RenoMark Renovator and to provide the London community the opportunity to tour recently renovated homes. The Parade offers visitors the opportunity to see firsthand the difference that hiring a Professional RenoMark Renovator makes and it is a great place to start if you are contemplating a renovation. The Parade of Homes will showcase renovations that may be relevant to what you are considering and it gives you an opportunity to meet and speak with RenoMark Renovators or their representatives. The Parade homes may provide you with ideas for finishes or floor plans that could easily be incorporated into a renovation you are considering.

The RenoMark designation ensures the renovator is a member of a home builders association and that they conduct business under a specific code of conduct and adhere to specific requirements. RenoMark members carry proper insurance, provide warranties and understand the value of customer service not only during the renovation process but after the project has been completed. In addition, they have access to information on current trends, regulations and the latest materials and processes. A helpful guide for anyone contemplating a renovation is available on line and is called Reno Guide. It can be found at
This publication will guide you through the process of planning a renovation so that you end up with a quality, long lasting finished product.

When considering a renovation always take into account the level of disruption that will occur within your home. Tolerance levels vary greatly and for larger renovations it may be wise to move out of the house for a period of time if possible. One of the most disruptive home renovations is the kitchen. In any kitchen renovation your renovator will try to minimize the amount of time that the kitchen will not be functional, however, it may be a good idea to schedule the renovation during milder weather so that a barbeque can be substituted for a stove. Another good option is to set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in your home.

When an addition is part of your renovation the bulk of the work in the addition is usually completed before breaking through to the existing house minimizing the amount of time that the existing house is disrupted.

Planning a renovation is a very exciting process as you research all of the possibilities that exist for finishes and floor plans. Although the renovation process will undoubtedly be stressful at times try and focus on the end goal. The completed project usually means a more modern and functional space for you and your family to make memories in and enjoy for many years.

I invite you to visit the homes in the 24th annual Parade of Renovations on October 5th, 2014 and see for yourself how RenoMark Renovators have assisted other families in turning their renovation dreams into reality.

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