Today’s new homes are designed and built to provide a comfortable, convenient living environment with minimal maintenance and upkeep. Our homes are meant to be a haven from the hectic pace of our busy lives not the instigator of a long to-do list.

The exterior finishes for new homes have evolved over the years to eliminate the need for painting. Aluminum soffit, fascia and eavestroughs have become standard features on new homes. Brick, stone, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, stucco or pre-finished fiber-cement siding all provide maintenance free exterior wall finishes. Vinyl or aluminum clad windows and steel or fibreglass doors also are common. Gone are the days of the arduous task of scraping, sanding and painting of soffit, fascia, eavestroughs, siding, windows and doors.

Inside the home, technology and new products are continually being developed to simplify our everyday lives. The task of keeping our homes clean is easier than in the past. The popularity of hard flat surfaces for flooring, countertops, cabinetry and fixtures creates a quick cleaning routine. A quick wipe with a damp cloth and perhaps a mild cleaning agent is all that is needed. Central vacuum systems eliminate the need to lug a bulky vacuum cleaner around the house and dust pan inlets allow for quick clean up in the most heavily used areas of the home.

Much of our time is spent in the kitchen. New kitchen designs address functionality and ease of operation for both cabinetry and appliances. Walk-in pantries, recycling bins and soft close doors and drawers are among the popular features incorporated in today’s kitchens. Cabinetry is often installed to ceiling height to eliminate dust collecting in the open space above upper cabinets. New design features and appliance options allow for a seemingly unlimited choice depending on individual preferences.

New homes are designed with today’s busy lifestyles and households in mind. Clutter can be reduced if not eliminated when there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Organization and a tidy appearance ease stress and home buyers are increasingly requesting built in cabinetry in mudrooms, family rooms, laundry rooms and pantries. Walk-in closets, particularly in the master bedroom, can be outfitted to efficiently organize your wardrobe.

To ensure your new home meets your requirements and complements your lifestyle, have your family walk through the floor plan with your normal daily routine in mind. Think of things you may want to include or change to better suit the specific needs and preferences of your family. Discuss these changes with your builder so you can explore your options fully. An interior designer may help you work through this process.

Regular maintenance is part of home ownership and although the workload is greatly reduced in a brand new home, it is important to ensure that the mechanical systems of your home are regularly serviced to ensure continuous high performance. Exterior maintenance in new homes is now reduced to the occasional washing to eliminate dirt and dust.

All of the same principles apply to existing homes being renovated. The financial burden and drudgery of home maintenance can be greatly reduced by modernizing outdated finishes and designs.

Many homeowners find it relaxing to plan and tend to their gardens while others enjoy decorating and adding special personal touches to their living space. Some families relish the solitude of quietly being together in their well organized virtually maintenance free home.

However you and your family like to spend your leisure time, a new home or newly

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